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General Information
Department for this solicitation: Procurement
Date Prepared: 05/13/24 Types: RFP
Advertisement Type:
Solicitation/Project#: PHIEA 23-21 Solicitation/Project Title: EXCHANGE ASSISTER SERVICES 2025 RFP
Description: Pennie is the official health insurance marketplace for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – where Pennsylvanians can apply, shop, and enroll in health insurance from top insurance companies, and qualify for financial assistance to reduce monthly premiums and cost-sharing.

Visit for more information.

Pennie seeks a qualifying Lead Contractor (“Lead Contractor”) to subcontract and manage a network of no less than five and no more than eight Regional Organizations (“Regional Organizations”) responsible for delivering outreach and in-person assistance to help Pennsylvanians enroll in
quality health coverage.

The enrollment assistance efforts under this project would be expected to align to the
significantly higher enrollment activity that occurs leading up to and during the annual Open
Enrollment Period (November 1 through January 15 each year) and the relatively lower but steady
enrollments during the rest of the year through Special Enrollment Periods for qualifying life

This Request for Proposals is only for the Lead Contractor Contract. All those interested in being a Regional Organization or supporting Pennie efforts as a community-based partner entity, will have an opportunity to provide more information about their interest in working with Pennie by submitting more information which is provided via a link in the final paragraph of Part I Section I-3 Overview of the project.
Department Information
Department/Agency: PA Health Insurance Exchange Authority (Pennie) Delivery Location:
County: Statewide Duration: 4 years with renewal options
Contact Information
First Name: Gwen E. Last Name: Zeh
Phone Number:
717-772-9420 Email:
Solicitation Information
Bids must be received by the purchasing agency on the Solicitation Due Date no later than the Solicitation Due Time as set forth in the solicitation. Any conflict between the dates and/or times contained in the solicitation itself or its attachments and this advertisement shall be resolved in favor of the solicitation.

Solicitation Start Date: 05/14/24
Solicitation Due Date: 06/27/24 Solicitation Due Time: 1:00 PM
Solicitation Opening Date: 06/27/24 Solicitation Opening Time: 1:01 PM
Opening Location: Not A Public Bid Opening
No. of Addendums: 0
Amended Date: 06/06/24
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Original Files
01 PHIEA 23-21 Exchange Assister Services 2025 - RFP.pdf
02 PHIEA 23-21 Exchange Assister Services 2025 RFP - Terms & Conditions.pdf
APPENDIX A - Proposal Cover Sheet.docx
APPENDIX B - Cost Submittal Worksheet PHIEA 23-21 FINAL.xlsx
APPENDIX C - Domestic Workforce Utilization Certification for Services BOP-1301.docx
APPENDIX D - Iran Free Procurement Certification Form.pdf
APPENDIX E -Trade Secret Confidential Proprietary Info Notice.pdf
APPENDIX F - Lobbying Certification Form BOP-1307.docx
APPENDIX G - Worker Protection EO 2021-06 Form BOP-2201.docx
APPENDIX H - Pre-Proposal Teams Meeting-Call Registration Form.docx
APPENDIX I - SDB and VBE Participation Summary Sheet.pdf
APPENDIX J - SDB Participation Form 2024.01.26.pdf
APPENDIX K - VBE Participation Form 2024.05.13.pdf
APPENDIX L - Model Form SDB VBE Subcontract Agreement.docx
APPENDIX M - Pennie Resources for Lead Contractor, Regional Organizations and Partner Entities.docx
APPENDIX N - ACA Program Requirements.docx
APPENDIX O - Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule & HIPAA Compliance Assistance.pdf
APPENDIX P - Navigator and Exchange Assister Accessibility and Regulation Act.docx
APPENDIX Q - Definitions for the Purposes of this RFP.docx
APPENDIX R - PID Registration Process for Pennie Assisters.pdf
APPENDIX S - PID Exchange Assister Business Entity Registration Application.pdf
APPENDIX T - Initial Indiv Exchange Assister Registration - Online Process.pdf

Addendum 01 Pre-Proposal Meeting_Call Information Packet 2024.05.20.pdf
Addendum 02 Questions & Answers 2024.05.22.pdf
Addendum 03 Questions & Answers 2024.05.28.pdf
Addendum 04 Questions & Answers 2024.06.04.pdf
Addendum 05 Questions & Answers 2024.06.06 - Calendar of Events revised for Q&A Dates.pdf

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