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Solicitation #TypesSolicitation TitleDescriptionAgencyCountyAmended DateSolicitation Start DateSolicitation Due DateBid Opening DateStatusContact Person
SERS RFP 23-028 RFP Third Party Administrator Recordkeeper Tpa
The Pennsylvania State Employees ... State Employees Retirement SystemDauphin3/1/20242/2/20243/15/2024 4:00:00 PM3/18/2024 10:00:00 AMOpen Cathy Gusler
6100060631 IFB Food Truck Event Organizer
To Obtain The Services Of An Exper ... General ServicesMultiple3/1/20243/4/20243/15/2024 1:30:00 PM3/15/2024 1:31:00 PMOpen Michele Hernandez
6100060573 IFB Smr Fiber Modules Panels
Fiber Modules And Panels Needed At ... CorrectionsSomerset3/1/20243/1/20243/15/2024 9:00:00 AM3/15/2024 9:00:00 AMOpen Alyssa Meck
RFA 31-22 RFA Community Healthchoices
The Department Is Seeking To Procu ... Human ServicesStatewide3/1/20241/30/20244/1/2024 12:00:00 PM4/1/2024 12:01:00 PMOpen Eric Mccoy
6100060303 IFB Non English Transl Authent Of Doc
Document Translation Authenticati ... All Using AgenciesStatewide3/1/20243/1/20243/15/2024 3:00:00 PM3/15/2024 3:01:00 PMOpen Celeste Mazza
6100060586-SF RFI Pump Motor Repair And Maintenance
The Pennsylvania Fish Boat Commi ... Fish and Boat CommissionStatewide3/1/20243/1/20243/19/2024 10:00:00 AM3/19/2024 10:01:00 AMOpen Chris Wolf
6100060574 IFB Ci Hun Reflective Non Reflective Sign Sheeting
The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania ... CorrectionsHuntingdon3/1/20243/4/20243/18/2024 10:00:00 AM3/18/2024 10:01:00 AMOpen Amy Newman
6100060521 IFB 23Nc Sgl 64 Dodge Run Road
The Northcentral Region Of The Pen ... Game CommissionPotter3/1/20242/16/20243/8/2024 2:00:00 PM3/8/2024 2:00:00 PMOpen Derek Deibler
6100060306 RFP Hr Support Workforce Engagement For Agribusiness
There Will Be A Bureau Of Diversit ... Department of Labor and IndustryStatewide3/1/20243/1/20244/2/2024 4:00:00 PM4/2/2024 4:01:00 PMOpen Lori Micheals
RFA67-180 RFA Wic Participant And Vendor Trainings
Online Training Development All ... HealthStatewide3/1/20243/1/20244/10/2024 1:30:00 PM4/10/2024 1:30:00 PMOpen Jay Mast