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General Information
Department for this solicitation: Procurement
Date Prepared: 03/10/22 Types: RFA
Advertisement Type:
Solicitation/Project#: RFA 07-21 Solicitation/Project Title: VF/EA Financial Management Services
Description: The objective of this RFA is to secure a VF/EA FMS provider for eligible participants throughout the Commonwealth who receive participant-directed services through the ODP and OLTL HCBS Waiver and state funded programs.

The Department is seeking to enhance opportunities for self-directing participants as well as the quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of FMS support.  More specifically, the Department will select an Applicant to coordinate and manage FMS in a manner that is fiscally and programmatically effective and efficient for participants and the Commonwealth.

The Department seeks an Applicant that shares the Department’s vision of quality services for the participants ODP and OLTL serves.  Quality services include careful scrutiny of all aspects of participant-directed services in order to prevent participant abuse, as well as the fraudulent use of Commonwealth funds.  As such, the Department is interested in Applicants that present innovative methods for deterring participant abuse and fraud.
Department Information
Department/Agency: Human Services Delivery Location: Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Department Of Human Services Bureau Of Procurement And Contract Management Room 832 Health And Welfare Building 625 Forster Street Harrisburg Pa 17120
County: Statewide Duration: 3 years with 4 - 6 month renewals
Contact Information
First Name: Holly Last Name: Zeiders
Phone Number:
717-857-3183 Email: RA-PWRFAQUESTIONS@PA.GOV
Solicitation Information
Bids must be received by the purchasing agency on the Solicitation Due Date no later than the Solicitation Due Time as set forth in the solicitation. Any conflict between the dates and/or times contained in the solicitation itself or its attachments and this advertisement shall be resolved in favor of the solicitation.

Solicitation Start Date: 03/10/22
Solicitation Due Date: 05/09/22 Solicitation Due Time: 12:00 PM
Solicitation Opening Date: 05/09/22 Solicitation Opening Time: 12:01 PM
Opening Location: This Is Not A Public Bid Opening
No. of Addendums: 5
Amended Date: 05/03/22

      This procurement has SDB or VBE goals set.
Related Solicitation Files

RFA 07-21 FMS.pdf
Appendix A - Application Cover Sheet.pdf
Appendix B - Trade Secret Confidential Proprietary Information Notice Form.pdf
Appendix C - Cost Submittal Worksheet.xlsx
Appendix D - Small Diverse Business Participation Packet.pdf
Appendix E - Veteran Business Enterprise Participation Packet.pdf
Appendix F - Model Form of SDB-VBE Subcontract Agreement.pdf
Appendix G - Lobbying Certification and Disclosure.pdf
Appendix H - Federal Funding Accountability and Transprency Act Sub-Recipient Data Sheet.pdf
Appendix I - CHC Regional Map.pdf
Appendix J - ODP Regional Map.pdf
Appendix K - BOP-2201 EO 2021-06 Worker Protection Form BOP 02072022 FINAL.pdf
RFA 07-21 FMS - Addendum 1.pdf
RFA 07-21 FMS - Attendee Report.pdf
RFA 07-21 FMS - Pre-Application Conference Presentation.pdf
Appendix C - Cost Submittal Worksheet - Revised.xlsx
RFA 07-21 FMS - Addendum 2.pdf
RFA 07-21 FMS - QA Log.pdf
RFA 07-21 FMS - Addendum 3.pdf
RFA 07-21 FMS - Addendum 4.pdf
Appendix H - Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Sub-Recipient Data Sheet - Revised.pdf
RFA 07-21 FMS - Addendum 5.pdf

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