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Source Justification Data

General Information
Requesting Agency: Conservation & Natural Resources Commodity Specialist Reviewer: Michael Gress
Material or Service: Services: Services for DCNR to host/receive two (2) interns for a 45 week program through the Student Conservation Association (SCA) in partnership with the Corporation for National & Community Services (AmeriCorps) via the 2019 SCA-AmeriCorps Historic Preservation Corps Program. E-mail:
Proposed Supplier: Student Conservation Assoc. Inc. Request Type(s): Sole Source; Feasibility
Description: Hosting two (2) Student Conservation Association (SCA) Interns
    Date Submitted: 4/10/2019

Review Information
ID: 34481  
Review End Date: 05/01/19 Approval Status:
     CS Approved:04/17/19
     Submitted: 4/10/2019
     Accepted: 04/16/2019
     Approved by Sole Source Coordinator 05/01/2019

Only known source - Not available from another supplier

Approval/Disapproval Date: Execution Date:
Awarded $ Amount: $29982.40

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