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General Information
Department for this solicitation: Procurement
Date Prepared: 08/23/11 Types: RFP
Advertisement Type:
Solicitation/Project#: RFP 10R01 Solicitation/Project Title: Next Generation Advanced Traffic Management System
Description: The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is soliciting proposals from interested Offerors to design and implement the Next Generation Advanced Traffic Management System (NEXT GEN ATMS).  This will include services to design, develop, implement, test, maintain and support a single statewide Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) software that will allow shared control of all existing and future Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices and data throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Department Information
Department/Agency: Transportation Delivery Location:
County: Statewide Duration: 60 months plus 24 month renewal
Contact Information
First Name: Nadine Last Name: Chinapoo
Phone Number:
717-705-4665 Email:
Solicitation Information
Bids must be received by the purchasing agency on the Solicitation Due Date no later than the Solicitation Due Time as set forth in the solicitation. Any conflict between the dates and/or times contained in the solicitation itself or its attachments and this advertisement shall be resolved in favor of the solicitation.

Solicitation Start Date: 08/23/11
Solicitation Due Date: 10/13/11 Solicitation Due Time: 12:00 AM
Solicitation Opening Date: 10/13/11 Solicitation Opening Time: 2:00 PM
Opening Location: Non Public Opening
No. of Addendums: 4
Amended Date: 09/30/11
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Original Files
RFP 10R-01 Next Gen ATMS 8-23-11.pdf
Appendix E Cost Submittal.xlsx
RFP 10R-01 Addendum 1.pdf
RFP 10R-01 Appendices.pdf
Addendum 2 Final.pdf
Addendum 2 Questions and Answers Final.pdf
Addendum 2_ RFP 3510R01 Pre-proposal sign-in sheets & Business Cards.pdf
Addendum 2_RFP 3510R01 Pre-Proposal Conference Presentation.pdf
Addendum 2_RFP 3510R01_ Appendix DD-RCRS Specs.pdf
Addendum 3 Final.pdf

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