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General Information
Solicitation Title:  3rd Party CDL Covert Overt Audit Program
Agency:  Transportation
Existing Contract Number:  44000007410 
Proposed Solicitation Date:  06-03-21
Contract Expiration Date:  12-30-20
Proposed Method of Procurement:  
Description:  PennDOT utilizes covert and overt audits to ensure its Commonwealth and Third-Party Commercial Driver License (CDL) Examiners issuing CDLs are performing their duties in accordance with applicable State (Title 75) and Federal laws (49 CFR Part 383), PennDOT contractual obligations and PennDOT policies and procedures. The winning bidder will conduct covert and overt program compliance audits and provide reports of those audits to the PennDOT CDL Third Party Compliance Manager.
Review Information
Issuing Office:
Contact Person: Nicholas Gotwalt
Contact Email: