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General Information
Solicitation Title:  OEM Parts
Agency:  General Services
Existing Contract Number:  4400015838 
Proposed Solicitation Date:  
Contract Expiration Date:  6/30/21
Proposed Method of Procurement:  
Description:  This is for the procurement of OEM Parts through a consignment method. The vendor will need to deliver the requested material to the DGS warehouse for us to hold and use as needed. Payment will not be issued until we use the products. Vendor will also have an IT method for the agency to order through. This can be either a stand alone IT solution or integrated into the Commonwealth system.

1. On March 19, 2020, the Governor’s Office issued a General Purchasing Ban to limit spending of goods or services that are not critical to operations.  The issuing agency has determined through its internal approval processes that this solicitation is absolutely critical to operations and does not violate the Governor’s General Purchasing Ban. Additionally, the issuing agency conducted due diligence via positive vendor affirmation that there is sufficient competition due to the prevalence of telework allowing a preponderance of suppliers to have access to respond to the solicitation. The Commonwealth’s electronic bidding systems can be accessed via teleworking by the Commonwealth and suppliers due to the phased reopening of counties across the Commonwealth.

Review Information
Issuing Office:
Contact Person: Reichard, Kevin
Contact Email: