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General Information
Solicitation Title:  Senior Project Manager
Existing Contract Number:   
Proposed Solicitation Date:  01-15-20
Contract Expiration Date:  
Proposed Method of Procurement:  
Description:  Project Description.  The successful respondent, which can be a public or private entity, will be responsible for development, implementation and operation of the Center for Water Quality Excellence (“Center”).  The Center is expected to be a “one stop shop” for farmers, land owners, municipalities, municipal authorities, conservation districts and/or businesses (“Recipients”) to determine the best technical and financial assistance available in regard to development and implementation of sustainable water quality infrastructure projects to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment discharges into the waterways of the Commonwealth.  The primary approach to water quality benefits will relate to agricultural best management practices (“AG”) and municipal separate storm sewer system (“MS4”) improvements (AG and MS4 hereinafter referred to collectively as (“BMP”).  The Center will be able to offer guidance and technical support on BMP installation based on resource management and surveying tools such as topographical mapping.  The Center will provide outreach to Recipients, be able to coordinate with federal, state, private and local funding opportunities within the Commonwealth and provide guidance to Recipients for the optimal use of all of available funding related to BMPs and other non-point source pollution prevention projects, such as habitat improvement projects.  The focus of this pilot program effort will be targeted to Lancaster and York Counties, with opportunities to expand into other areas of the Commonwealth.
Review Information
Issuing Office:
Contact Person: Tesra Schlupp
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