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General Information
Solicitation Title:  PaRC Logistical Support
Agency:  Labor & Industry
Existing Contract Number:  4000016941 
Proposed Solicitation Date:  11-15-17
Contract Expiration Date:  12/31/2017
Proposed Method of Procurement:  
Description:  The Department of Labor & Industry, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), allocates funds each year to obtain Logistical Support and Coordination Services to the Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Council (PaRC). This competition is authorized under the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.
Eligible bidders are existing public or private entities (not-for-profit or for profit) that possess the infrastructure and at least five (5) years of demonstrated experience and expertise in effectively managing the budget and operation for, and facilitating the activities of, advisory Boards and/or other advisory bodies. *This will be Multiple Award IFB. This requires using paper submission bid contract form BOP-1206 as L&I OCC requires an ink signature submission rather than using SRM electronic submission.

Review Information
Issuing Office:
Labor & Industry
Contact Person: Lori Micheals
Contact Email: