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General Information
Solicitation Title:  Non-Emergency transportation
Agency:  Labor & Industry
Existing Contract Number:  Multi award 
Proposed Solicitation Date:  01/8/2018
Contract Expiration Date:  06-30-18
Proposed Method of Procurement:  
Description:  To provide transportation to SWIF and OVR staff and customers who may be unable to drive themselves to work and or appointments.  The Solicitation is to be set up as two lots, Lot 1 for OVR for those staff members because of visual or other reasons are unable to drive to their work assignments, and Lot 2 for SWIF Customers who require transportation to Medical appointments.  Considering if this could be an ITQ contract with lots for any Agency to use if they ever require driver services for staff.
Review Information
Issuing Office:
Labor & Industry
Contact Person: Lori Micheals
Contact Email: