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A list of upcoming procurements available for the Commonwealth Agencies. Many of these procurements may not yet be advertised. Refer to the Solicitations section for those that are available for response.

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Upcoming Procurement Search Results
IDProject TitleAgencyMaterial/Service/ITProposed Method of ProcurementStatus
113085 Group Homes CorrectionsService Approved
113110 Pension Consultant for Act 5 Implementation Public School Employees Retirement SystemService Approved
113105 Pension Consultant for Investment Book of Record Public School Employees Retirement SystemService Approved
113116 Case Management Modernization Banking and SecuritiesIT Approved
112956 Healthcare Staffing Services General ServicesService Approved
113096 Farm Show Finance Project BudgetService Approved
113067 Evaluation of the Title V Funded Medical Home Initiative HealthService Approved
113076 PennDOT Consumer Applications Governors OfficeIT Approved
113038 Supplemental UPO Staff Human ServicesService Approved
113005 Emissions Program Management TransportationService Approved