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A list of upcoming procurements available for the Commonwealth Agencies. Many of these procurements may not yet be advertised. Refer to the Solicitations section for those that are available for response.

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Upcoming Procurement Search Results
IDProject TitleAgencyMaterial/Service/ITProposed Method of ProcurementStatus
112870 TV Kit CorrectionsMaterial Approved
112871 Common Carrier CorrectionsService Approved
112956 Contracted Medical Staffing Services General ServicesService Approved
112940 Onsite Food Services Human ServicesService Approved
112942 Onsite Food Services Human ServicesService Approved
112900 Pesticide Application Services TransportationService Approved
112867 PBX & Key Telephone Systems, Equipment & Related Services General ServicesIT Approved
112880 Enterprise Websites and Supporting Applications Governors OfficeIT Approved
112895 Offender Transport Probation and ParoleService Approved
112886 Real Estate Commission Examinations StateService Approved