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A list of upcoming procurements available for the Commonwealth Agencies. Many of these procurements may not yet be advertised. Refer to the Solicitations section for those that are available for response.

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Upcoming Procurement Search Results
IDProject TitleAgencyMaterial/Service/ITProposed Method of ProcurementStatus
111599 Temporary Fleet Services General ServicesServiceRFPApproved
111357 Survey Agency Information System (SAIS) Replacement Project HealthITRFQ (IT)Approved
111518 Non-Emergency Ambulance Transport Service Human ServicesServiceIFBApproved
111553 Medical Services for Norristown State Hospital Human ServicesServiceIFBApproved
111420 PA Inspection Stickers and Inserts TransportationMaterialRFPApproved
111535 DLI 6100039165 Chargemaster Labor & IndustryServiceRFQ (Other)Approved
111522 Last User Connectivity – Multi Provider Award AdministrationITRFPApproved
111524 Unified Communications & Voice Services AdministrationITRFPApproved
111502 Expanded Function Dental Assistants Examination StateServiceRFPApproved
111400 Refurbished Panasonic CF-31 Toughbooks State PoliceITIFBApproved