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A list of upcoming procurements available for the Commonwealth Agencies. Many of these procurements may not yet be advertised. Refer to the Solicitations section for those that are available for response.

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Upcoming Procurement Search Results
IDProject TitleAgencyMaterial/Service/ITProposed Method of ProcurementStatus
112121 Disparity Study General ServicesService Approved
112091 Lottery Consultant - Instant and on line RFP Services RevenueIT Approved
112012 Training Delivery for Constables' Basic, Continuing Education, Firearms and Optional Trainings Crime and Delinquency CommissionService Approved
111857 Security Guard Services General ServicesService Approved
112068 MMIS 2020 MPTF Human ServicesIT Approved
112066 Purchasing Card / Corporate Card Services General ServicesService Approved
111135 Educational Software CorrectionsITRFPApproved
112027 Prior Authorization Module for the MMIS 2020 Program Human ServicesIT Approved
111943 System Integrator and Data Hub for MMIS 2020 Program Human ServicesIT Approved
111975 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for MMIS 2020 Human ServicesIT Approved