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A list of upcoming procurements available for the Commonwealth Agencies. Many of these procurements may not yet be advertised. Refer to the Solicitations section for those that are available for response.

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Upcoming Procurement Search Results
IDProject TitleAgencyMaterial/Service/ITProposed Method of ProcurementStatus
108934 Traffic Counting Services TransportationServiceITQApproved
108798 Herbicide Application TransportationServiceIFBApproved
109071 UCMS Enhancements, Maintenance and Support Labor & IndustryITRFPApproved
109083 Investigations Assistance Contractor Environmental ProtectionServiceRFPApproved
109069 Pump Station Maintenance in Bucks and Philadelphia Counties TransportationServiceIFBApproved
109046 Cyber Charter School Review Tasks EducationServiceIFBApproved
109007 Pennsylvania Kindergarten Entry Inventory Validation EducationServiceIFBApproved
108984 Mobile X-ray Public WelfareServiceIFBApproved
108965 Fuel Analyzers RevenueMaterialIFBApproved
108943 Medical technology assessments of new and emerging technologies. Public WelfareServiceIFBApproved