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Extension ID: 19570_1 Date Submitted: 6/23/2021
Current EP Expiration Date: 06/30/2021
Extension Length: 6 months
Extension Expiration Date: 12/31/21
Estimated Amount: 180000
Change in Circumstances: The Department still needs to have contracted staff provide support to institutional staff that are facing large numbers of call offs due to COVID. Some of the duties this staff would perform would helping to prepare meal trays and to provide some Outpatient services to the inmates.
Justification for Extension: The Outpatient services are still needed due to the inability to transfer inmates out that are in need of this program. The DOC is trying to minimize the COVID transmission as much as possible and treat in place. Inmates at Chester are
currently in need of this programming to be eligible for parole opportunity.
Result, if not Approved: SCI Chester will not have staff to complete the daily operations as needed thus posing a threat to the health and welfare of both inmates and staff.
Approval Status: Approved    6/23/2021