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Emergency Procurement Data

General Information
Requesting Agency: Human Services
Material or Service or IT: Service
Description: Consists of verification services that verify an individual’s identity whether the individual applies online, via paper, or by telephone. DHS is interested in obtaining two different types of identity verification services: Interactive Identity Verification, which uses a combination of application data and knowledge-based authentication questions to verify identity; and Non-Interactive Identity Verification which utilizes application data to verify identity.
Proposed Supplier: Experian Information Solutions, Inc. Request Type(s): Circumstances Outside the Control Of Agency
Estimated $ Amt: $93,000.00 Date Submitted: 8/9/2017
Review Information
Approval Status:
DGS Approved  12/6/2017   
Submitted 8/9/2017
Begin work before the new contract is fully executed - To authorize a supplier who has been properly selected through one of the methods of award because the agency needs the services immediately and cannot wait until full execution of the contract.

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